St. Styrmir is hosting an international gay football tournament over Easter 2009. The tournament will take place in Reykjavik April 9th - 12th, with exciting events and optional excursions taking place outside the city.  Barcelona midfielder and Iceland’s national team captain Eiður Smári Gudjohnsen has announced his open support and endorsement of the ’09 Iceland Express Cup, in the spirit of FIFA’s Football for All program.

St Styrmir is an organisation dedicated to the cause of encouraging gay men to participate in sports.  Members meet twice a week to play football (soccer).  The organisation has also a swim division which meets for swimming practices twice a week. More information about St Styrmir is available on it´s website,

April 9th
Planned excursion - TBA
Welcoming Party

April 10th
Rafting in Hvítá, Glacial River. About 150 km away from Reykjavik.
The cost is estimated to be 4.500 kr per person excluding transport.
Opening ceremony and party

April 11th
Bus pickup at 7:45
Tournament begins at 8:40.
Closing & award ceremony and disco with DJ Paul Oscar

April 12th
Easter day Brunch
Farewell party