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The Icelandic gay electronic musician Bistro Boy recently released his first LP album Journey. On Journey Bistro Boy takes the listener on a travel around the world collecting sounds and samples that become a part of a story stretching from one place to another. On the album Bistro Boy teams up with guest singer Gisli Magna (Frozen thoughts) and Mono Town guitarist Börkur Birgisson (Summer vibes) as well with a group of Masai women singing for a traveller far away from home (Border crossing).


Bistro Boy (Frosti Jonsson) has been involved in all kinds of music for a very long time but he found his spiritual home in electronic music after dropping out of classical piano lessons, which liberated him from sticking only to black dots on paper. Bistro Boy´s previous releases include EP album Solheimar (2012) as well as songs and remixes on Möller Records compilation albums.