Samtökin '78, Iceland´s National Queer Organization, has opened their new community center on Suðurgata 3 in Reykjavik´s city center. "This is a new beginning" says Auður Magndís Auðardóttir general manager. "It has taken us a while to get our new home in order but we´re very happy it´s all done and now we´re able to get back on track says Auður Magndís. "We´re still to find our strengths again after being homeless for a while but we´ve already scheduled regular events at the new community center including Open house every Thursday night from 20-23 (everyone welcomed) and Youth group meetings every sunday at 19:30 for kids aged 14-20 years old.

Samtokin '78 was founded in 1978 and has played a key role in transforming attitudes towards LGBTQI people in Iceland that paved the way for dramatic legislative changes in the last 20 years. The Community center offers social support and consultancy and runs peer educational programs in schools among many other things.

Visit Samtokin 78 website or Facebook page for more information or pay them a visit at Suðurgata 3, groundfloor.