Since BEARS ON ICE started in 2005 the event the event has supported the local LGBT community. This year BEARS ON ICE proudly supports HIV Iceland by ISK 300.000 ($3000) donation to the organization. HIV-Ísland was formed December 5th 1988 and has played a key role in providing education, social help and support in Iceland. The Organization runs a small Community Center in Reykjavik, provides counselling, free condoms and runs free educational programs for individuals, schools and local businesses.

Being a small organization HIV-Iceland depends on charities and private funding in addition to government support. “We´re very happy to support HIV-Iceland and all the great work the organization stands for, now and in the past. HIV-Iceland plays an important role in so many ways, for our community and society at large” says Frosti Jonsson, one of the BEARS ON ICE organizers. For the last three years Bears on Ice has has supported HIV Iceland with a total of 1.000.000 kr. or about 10.000 USD. This has helped a lot with the ecucational program and also in visibility programs such as preparing for their entry in Reykjavik Pride according to Sigrún Gendal. This was the first time ever HIV Iceland has walked in Reykjavik Pride. "It's also not just the money because it's such a big boost to our morale to get support like this from our community."

Picture: Páll Guðjónsson and Frosti Jónsson from GAYICE / BEARS ON ICE and members of the board Árni Friðrik Ólafarson, Einar Þór Jónsson (CEO HIV-Ísland), Vignir Ljósálfur Jónsson. Front row: Sigrún Grendal (Chairman, HIV-Ísland) and Ingi Hans Ágústsson.

hiv island 2017