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Reykjavik Gay Pride 2013 Program Guide

  • Published: 28 July 2013

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Reykjavik Gay Pride program guide is out and available online. The Program guide has all the information you need about the coming up Reykjavik Gay Pride which has an early start August 6th. The program guide also includes information about performing artist, articles and interviews and practical information for visitors. The program guide is in Icelandic and English. You can also grab your free copy at the Gay Pride service center located inside bookstore Ida (Lækjargata 2, city center). The dates for Reykjavik Gay Pride are August 6th to 11th.

Visit Reykjavik Gay Pride website for more information about the event, read Gay Pride Program Guide online or check out list of events for Gay Pride 2013.

Happy Pride!

Reykjavik's Mayor to end relationship with Moscow

  • Published: 12 July 2013

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The Mayor of Reykjavik, Mr. Jon Gnarr, has submitted a proposal to end Reykjavík’s partnership with Moscow, on account of the Russian capital’s stance on gay rights. In an announcement from Mayor's office all agreements between Reykjavik and Moscow shall be terminated due to recent development in Russia. “In light of the developments that have taken place in recent years in matters of gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Russia, the Human Rights Office and the Mayor’s Office have entrusted the deputy mayor to propose amendments to the existing agreement between the two cities or terminate it all together following consultation with the Foreign Ministry,” read the minutes from the City Council meeting.

It´s all about drag

  • Published: 29 June 2013

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It has been labeled Iceland´s most entertaining competetion and the night when King and Queen are crowned for one year. The Icelandic Drag competition markes an early beginning of Reykjavik Gay Pride weekend and gets the party going. This year the event is also one event of many Gay Pride Off-Venue events taking place in Reykjavik the Pride festival and it´s definitely worth seeing. Check it out!

It´s getting closer to Reykjavik Pride

  • Published: 19 June 2013


History walk, Queer films, exhibitions, concerts, gay cruise and parade, it´s all part of the Reykjavik Gay Pride 2013. The program this year is packed with events of all kinds with handfull of Off-Venue events taking place around the city as well offering guests multiple entertainment to enjoy. The biggest of those off venue events is without a doubt Iceland Drag Competition which is probably Iceland´s most entertaining competition to watch.

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Kiki´s summer opening

  • Published: 13 June 2013


Club Kiki, will open it´s door on Thursdays from now on and rest of summer and make sure you´ll have a place to goto to kick start the weekend. DJ Glimmer will start the party tonight (June 13th), play some good music and make sure you´ll have fun. Cheap beer on tab will also help get the party started! Kiki is located on Laugavegur 22, the queerest corner in Reykjavik, where many of Reykjavik´s best known gay club have had its home in the past. On weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) Kiki is open from 11 pm to 4.30 am.

Visit Kiki on Facebook to see what they are up to.


What makes Iceland interesting for gay tourists?

  • Published: 02 June 2013



It all depends on what you´re looking for when asked if Iceland is a good (interesting, fun) destination for gay tourists. From a broad perspective, Iceland is seen as a good option for gay travelers simply because it´s very gay friendly. Holding hands in public won´t cause a stir and the gay scene, despite being very small, is considered open and friendly. But gay tourists as any other tourists choose Iceland for many different reasons. In general most tourists choose Iceland for its nature and unique landscape and the same probably goes for most gay tourists as well.

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National Queer Meeting and a Queer Party

  • Published: 30 May 2013


Samtökin '78 (The National Queer Organization of Iceland - S78) calls for a or a national gathering of queer people June 1st.  In the 35 year old history of Samtökin '78 much has been accomplished in the human rights battle of queer people in Iceland but the purpose of the meeting is to look into the organization´s work, prioritize and determine future policy. Samtökin '78 encourages as many as possible to show up to ensure that the future strategy for the coming years will take into account the opinions of many as possible and various groups. A table for English speakers will be set up at the event, so that everyone can participate.

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It´s all about fun and friendship

  • Published: 25 May 2013


"We´ve already beaten our record number of guests signing up for the event this year, the complete pass is about to be sold out but everyone will be able to show up for the parties organized during the weekend" says organizer Frosti Jónsson. "Last year was our biggest event but this year will be bigger which makes us who organize the whole thing very happy. But it´s still a small event compared to many of the bear events out there and thats what makes it special. Here you get to know everyone by name and by the time you leave you have made friends with fantastic people from around the world".

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