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  • Samtökin '78 find a new home. Reykjavik City Library receives 1400 books.
    24 September, 2014


    Samtökin '78, The National Queer Organization, have found a new home in Reykjavik´s city Center on Suðurgata 3 after 15 years on Laugavegur 3. Samtokin '78 was founded in 1978 and since 1999 the organization ran a community center on Laugavegur 3. At Laugavegur Samtökin '78 ran also Iceland´s only LGBT library containing a diverse selection of books, magazines, videos and DVDs. As the Organization has found itself a new home, so has the library. The organization donated some 1,400 books from ...

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    Bears and friends will have some fun in Reykjavik, Iceland, the world's northernmost capital the second weekend of September. Visit BEARS ON ICE website for more information.

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    Travel to Iceland

    Iceland is only 3 hours away from London and 5 hours away from New York! Visit Icelandair and WOW Air and book your next flight to Iceland!
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    Reykjavík Gay Pride

    The Reykjavik Gay Pride the second weekend of August. Visit official website for more information,

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Bars and clubs

  • KiKi


    Club Kiki, the newest Queer Club in Reykjavik located on Laugavegur 22, the queerest corner in Reykjavik, where many of Reykjavik´s best known gay club have had its home in the past. Kiki offers good music, fun atmo and nice crowd.  Kiki is open Fridays and Saturdays from 11 pm to 4.30 am.

    Visit Kiki on Facebook to see what they are up to.


  • Queer Center


    Queer Center is open Thursday  evenings from  from 20:00 to 23:00. Good place to meet and mingle. Office is open every day from 1 pm - 5 pm. Samtökin ‘78The National Queer Organization, is an interest and an activist group for homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals in Iceland. The organisation’s goal is for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual persons to be visible and recognised and enjoy their rights to the fullest in Icelandic society.

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Gayice Yhe National Organization have moced and donated over 1.400 books to the City Library -...
Gayice Samtökin '78, The National Queer Organization have moved to a new location on Suðurgata 3 (city Center)....

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