• Reykjavik Pride

    The Reykjavik Pride festivities in Reykjavík, organized by the board and pride committee of the organization, have been a marvellous success since 1999. A huge, merry and colourful Parade through the centre of town and a grand outdoor concert attended by over fifty thousand people - lesbians and g...


    BEARS ON ICE is a bear event where bears, admirers and friends take over the Reykjavik´s gay scene for a few days around the beginning of September every year. It usually coincides with Labour Day Weekend in the USA. The 2018 event will start August 30th to September 2nd.

  • Rainbow Reykjavik festival

    Rainbow Reykjavik is a LGBT festival in Reykjavik, usually at the beginning of February. The next one is scheduled for February 8 - 11, 2018